Soilax Powder- Removes dirt, grease and sticky film on contact - with no rubbing or scrubbing. Never dulls or streaks paint or finish boxes.




Treat Mildew

Grease Removal



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Where can I buy Soilax?

  • Answer: Well, I found something called "Soilmax". It sells for .99 plus shipping. It's a new and improved version of soilax.
  • Answer: I just ordered SOILAX from a representative of Ecolab. It is available in 44 oz boxes by the case 11 boxes to a case. After searching as all of you have been, I found the Ecolab web site and we called 800-352-5326 and left a message. The representative called us back within 2 days--he lives in our town. The company sells industrial cleaners to restaurants etc. so they are not well known to the public.
  • Answer: According to this site, Soilax has been discontinued and is being replaced with Soilmax, so you might want to stock up on it from the other link as soon as you can!