Soilax Powder- Removes dirt, grease and sticky film on contact - with no rubbing or scrubbing. Never dulls or streaks paint or finish boxes.





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What is soilax?

Soilax has been discotinued and is being replaced with Soilmax. SoilMax cleans walls and floors without rinsing. SoilMax can be used to clean washable wallpaper. It's also perfect for preparing walls for painting and wallpapering. SoilMax is completely safe for cleaning painted walls and finished woodwork. It won't scratch, smear, dull, or streak - even fine painted areas! 12 OZ. NEW WHITE FORMULA IS HYPO-ALLERGENIC.  Back to Top

Manufacturer: ECOLAB INC.

Toxicity code: 3 (corresponds to a toxicity category of Caution.)


Treat Mildew Growth

Mildew is not caused by paint or stain; it is the result of fungal growth. This fungus is deposited on paint concrete and other surfaces by spores that are always in the air around us. It grows in black or purple colonies on exterior siding, bathroom walls and concrete floors. There is no absolute prevention or cure for the growth of mildew in areas where conditions for growth are favorable.  Back to Top

Mold and mildew, sometimes erroneously called "stains", are actually live matter growing on the surface of paint (and wood, glass, concrete, and most other surfaces). No coating should be attempoted to be applied over mold or mildew, as it will merely grow back through the fresh paint. The mold or mildew must first be KILLED with a strong bleach solution. Then the dead spores should be loosened and removed by scrubbing with a good detergent like Soilax (R). Adequate flushing with clear water will aid in the process. If not removed, the dead spores will act the same as dirt, and interfere with the adhesion of the next coat of paint.

An effective solution for the killing/removal of mold/mildew is:

cup of bleach, such as Clorox (R) or Javax (R) -half cup of Soilax (R) or tri sodium phosphate Warm water to make one gallon. Rubber gloves and protective eye goggles should be worn during the cleaning process. The subject of repainting peeling or deteriorating paint is another whole subject in itself. The sum of it is, you may get the paint to stick to the surface to which it is applied, but if the substrate fails, it will carry the paint off too.

Grease Removal Tips

1.Using Sunlight dish detergent as a prewash stain remover. Even works on those "unknown" stains on jeans right at the spot where your kids wipe their hands.

2.Stain Removal Solution: Mix two cups of water and two tablespoons each of the following - white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and plain ammonia (not the sudsy kind). Shake well before each use. This is also good for cleaning windows and the shower. It makes mirrors and windows shine like new. It works on any household chore. It even removes most stains from carpets.

3.To remove grease and/or oil stains from clothing, prerub the areas with TIDE liquid detergent. If the clothing has been previously been put in the dryer your chances of removing the stain will be poor as heat sets the stain. This remedy only works on a freshly set stain. Happy clothing stain removal.   Back to Top

Soilax Documentation

1. Fact One
2. Exterior Acrylic Paint

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